Who is Upturn Consulting?

Need help transitioning your business – Upturn Consulting Can help

Victoria British Columbia based Upturn Consulting was incorporated by Douglas Enns, its principal and founder to serve clients with diverse needs.

Upturn is passionate about helping small to mid-sized businesses through major transitions.   Start-ups transition to mid-sized business and along the way their financing needs change.  At some point, venture partners will be needed and then next step may be a sale or acquisition or that first public offering.

Accessing financing, building the right corporate governance and control systems, making sure you get paid for the risk you take and designing a sustainable business model are where Upturn can help.

Clients that choose to work with Upturn seek experience, mature judgement and the ability to produce information which ensures optimal decision making.

The first step is the Value Add assessment. A preliminary assessment helps clients decide if Upturn can add value.  It also helps clarify specific requirements and lets clients know the time, effort and dollar cost associated with the work to be done.

The watch words, profit, quality, innovation, are the basis on which Upturn determines if value can be added.

If you would like to contact Upturn Consulting, please call + 1 250 477 9255 or by email – results@managedupturn.com.








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