Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we really improve profitability– particularly when regulators are breathing down our necks over risk management and compliance?
    Risk management is about optimizing returns in a way that ensures major uncertainties are taken into account.  That build confidence with regulators.
  • How do you actually get people excited about innovation we've been trying for years?
    Innovation stems from good ideas.  Ensuring everyone in the company is encouraged to bring forward their good ideas and recognizing their efforts can dramatically change the culture.
  • Can I have you come in and lead us through the changes?
     Upturn’s approach is to work with clients to implement our recommendations to make sure they are effective.  We have led change in a variety of organizations and will play a direct role if clients require.
  • Can you actually show me how Upturn works?
    We love helping businesses in transition.  From start-up, to first financing, then on to seeking private then public capital, the need for analysis, strategic and risk assessments, governance and control systems is ongoing.  Please contact Upturn at  to find out more about Upturn and how it can help with transition.
  • Where’s the payback in retaining Upturn?
    Locating financing, profitability improvement for your company, happier clients and a more stable and productive staff.
  • Why should I choose to talk with you rather than to a similar organization?
    Upturn brings a rare combination of experience, proven judgement and insight with a track record to back it up

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