Transition – One More Challenge for Small Business

Optimizing Performance Through Transition Performance against peers is as important for start-ups as it is for companies that have hit their stride – even more so when they have to compete for investment capital. Performance must therefore be assessed, not only against stated outcomes, but against performance of the sector. Transition_image_2_for_blog_April_1,_2105 Expectations and the rigour with which performance is measured will increase as companies grow. Start-ups are not expected to have the same expertise as capital seekers. Then again, in each sector, the 80/20 rule will apply. For any sector, there is only room for one or two top competitors. Therefore, no matter what stage the company is in terms of its development, it must seek to excel if it is looking to grow further. Transition_-_image_1_for_blog,_Apirl_1,_2015 If you found this information helpful, please read the full Position Paper from Upturn Consulting: Transition, One More Challenge for Small Business