Do we have the right tools to add value – a question for boards to consider

How can the board say it added value if the organization is not worth more today than it was last year?

Over the past decade shareholders are turning to rating agencies such as Institutional Shareholder Services for performance assessments of individual directors. The assessments go beyond attendance records and listing committee memberships and are getting to the heart of the question – did this director add value?

Shareholders of public companies can now assess whether individual directors performed well. But what if your stock is not publicly traded? How can the board convince you they worked in your best interest?

A Board Value Added Test may be just what you need.

Assessing board performance must go beyond asking – did we get the basics right

Shareholders and other stakeholders always have the right to ask – has the board delivered? The best way to respond is to show how the board added value.



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A New Look at Board Evaluations