For Businesses in Transition

Whether starting up, seeking major debt financing or private investment – perhaps planning a sale or an IPO, each of these major transition points requires thought, planning and flawless execution.

That’s where Upturn can help.  With hands on experience helping clients get started, find financing and plan for the day new investors arrive, prospects are evaluated and optimal conclusions reached.

The Upturn model is based on a simple premise – put yourself in the position where you have to implement and live with the consequences of your recommendations.  In each of the engagements taken on, Upturn has worked with clients to implement the changes needed.  “Eating your own cooking” helps ensure purposeful evaluations and workable solutions.

Upturn’s objective is to ensure that recommendations and contract services provided help to build a foundation which will allow you to get paid for the risk you take, develop innovative solutions and build long term value for owners, customers and other stakeholders.

The experience Upturn has gained working with a broad range of clients in Europe, the US and Canada can work for you.

Transition planning works best on a firm foundation that provides capacity to leverage risk, innovate and build long-term value, based on the watchwords Profit, Quality, Innovation.

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