A Track Record of Supporting Businesses in Transition

Upturn’s success is a matter of record.

When you grow, you change.  Planning, preparation and managing the transition are key, and that is where Upturn has helped clients succeed.

Businesses in transition move from start-up to needing bank financing.  Private investment may be needed along the way and eventually a sale or IPO may be in the picture.

At each of these transition points, strategy setting, risk assessment, governance – perhaps reorganization has to be considered.  That’s where Upturn’s experience can add value. Whether it’s preparing for change or providing tested management to help you manage it, Upturn is there to help.

For the past fourteen years Upturn has helped clients adapt to changing conditions, launch innovative new businesses and to lay the foundation for a solid future.  Consulting services clients have included businesses in North America, Europe and Asia.

Sector  Value Delivered
 Banks and Credit Unions  OSFI applications, risk and governance assessments, M+A advice, strategy setting, Chief Executive, Chief Investment Officer
 Regulatory Bodies and Governments Regulatory oversight, direct intervention with troubled financial institutions,  Provincial budget practices review, reorganization of governance practices
Tech Sector Sales and services leadership, financing alternatives, feasibility assessments, implementation management
Agri-Business Strategy setting, governance review, family business counselling
Universities Green energy and commercial enterprise feasibility assessments, strategy setting, risk assessment, governance advisory
Property Development Business model review, strategy review
Retail/Services Operational assessment, strategy setting

Experience counts and Upturn is able to draw on numerous assignments when supporting businesses in transition.

If you’d like to find out more, please feel free to phone – +1 250 477 9255.



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